Snug and comfy federated communication services

Places to be comf in~ while chatting with your friends.

I wanted to try hosting stuff.

Sign up and have a hopefully pleasant time on either of these:




(!) If you want to register your email address to anything then be sure to check confirmation emails in Spam too.

Some rules:

These are mostly appliable to the Misskey instance and public Matrix rooms hosted on snug.moe:

  1. Try to keep it snug and comf..
    This just means this isn't the greatest place for mainly involving around highly controversial topics; for example, if your online activity has a lot to do with extremist political movements or anything similar then try to find another instance/server.
    (I just wanted to use the word snug in a rule but this still applies)
  2. Be excellent to each other (!) ; this implies no harassment based on race, gender etc etc etc, you name it.
  3. Don't publish illegal content.
  4. No pedophilia, cp/lolicon/shotacon or anything.
  5. Make use of the NSFW and CW features when posting anything explicit.
  6. Don't unpink whatever is already pink.
  7. And please don't make me have to add more rules...

Source for Misskey background image: (twitter)

Plans for new services, for now:

Mumble server

- for who?

For you, silly...

- by who?

vib. (contact for any problems)

- how?

You don't want to know how this operates.
really curious? ok, ok... here you go